Our Philosophy

CrossFit bond believes in the philosophy that every body is built to move and each individual has the capacity to be athletic and strong. It is because of this that we train ourselves in hopes of becoming proficient in each of the 10 General Physical Skills of CrossFit: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Training these skills allows us to increase our longevity as healthy, fit, human beings.

Our Community

At CrossFit bond, everyone is an athlete. Regardless of your age, experience, or level of fitness, you will find mutual respect and admiration within our community. CrossFit is first and foremost an exercise regimen, but it is also called the “Sport of Fitness.” By viewing CrossFit as a sport, we experience a new, playful competition that forges camaraderie, and connectedness between each and every athlete. We believe that this competition and group camaraderie yields an intensity that most people are hard-pressed to find when working out alone. Through our hard work and effort as a group, we are rewarded with a close-knit, welcoming community.

Our Service

Everyone has their own personal health & fitness goal, whether it is to lose weight, build muscle, gain strength, increase flexibility, or simply get a good workout. In addition to our regular group training, we also have CrossFit Kids classes--a program that is specifically geared toward and designed for kids. All movements are taught safely and effectively under the eye of thoroughly trained CrossFit Kids coaches. At CrossFit bond, our trainers pride themselves on their ability to assist each athlete in the pursuit and achievement of every individual’s fitness aspirations; from kids to professional athletes, and everyone in between.